Ideas from Wadan Narsey

Professor Wadan Narsey has some practical ideas on protecting the life savings of FNPF contributors. He urges us all to buy from businesses in which FNPF has invested, such as Holiday Inn and Tappoos City. He suggests that those businesses could offer discounts to FNPF contributors. He urges us to borrow for home loans from Home Finance Corporation (HFC), rather than giving the business to other financial institutions, where the profits are not returned to FNPF contributors. Unfortunately, this article was banned from our normal media because Professor Narsey made some political suggestions, including suggesting that FNPF contributors should be able to elect the Board that controls our funds. All contributors should read the full article carefully.



A blogger called Peter has drawn our attention to the 2010 Annual Report, which is NOW on the FNPF official website. We can assure you that it was not on the site in that place when we asked where it is.

What we want to know now, and we’re happy if Peter can help us with it, is where the Annual Reports from the past have gone. They WERE all on the site but they’ve now disappeared.

In the 2010 Annual Report, there are a lot of statistics and graphs comparing the FNPF performance in 2010 with the last four years. That’s right FOUR years. All years since the coup.

What the contributors to FNPF want is how does the performance of the FNPF under the ‘new’ management compare with performance under the management that was ousted in the coup.

With the 2010 report in hand we’ll be making some comparisons with the reports from the past which we copied.

We may be able to copy the reports to our site. We’re looking for help to find out how we do it.

Stay tuned.