The FNPF has been putting out stories in the media about making a profit in the 2010 year, but what we the contributors to the fund need to know is where is the Annual Report?

It’s not on the FNPF website!

We need to see all the numbers, not the select few plucked out by media spin merchants to try to fool us.

If we don’t see all the numbers prepared by the Accountants and checked by the independent auditors, we have to suspect that the wool is being pulled over our eyes.

In the past the Annual Reports were held up because the independent auditors would not sign off on the information they were presented by the FNPF. Heads rolled on the board and we saw the report which showed that the value of investments had been slashed.

And talking of Annual Reports, not only is this year’s Annual report not on the FNPF website, even the previous years reports seem to have been taken down.

What are they trying to hide? Was it the information about the loser movies that the FNPF invested in?

More than $20 million was lost on FNPF investment in movies like “‘The Great North Pole Elf Strike”.